October 2

I Mean Something

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  1. By Malakinos on
    I mean something, I mean something No matter how old, how young, how sick I mean something, I mean something. You can push me, no stare down Plug it up, no me, no shut down I'm on a rampage, it's my new rage Crisis but I'm singing in the mid-range. What you gotta say, gotta say? What you gotta do? What you gotta say doesn't matter anymore.
  2. By Mekus on
    mean (something) by (something) To have some hidden or ulterior meaning, judgment, or intention behind one's words or actions. Often used in questions and negative constructions. I didn't mean anything by what I said—I was just making an .
  3. By Mizil on
    a mean (something) Said of something that is particularly impressive or appealing. I make a mean stew—are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner? You should ask that guy to join your band—he plays a mean sax.
  4. By Tojami on
    I mean meaning: 1. used to correct what you have just said or to add more information: 2. something that people. Learn more.
  5. By Mami on
    Sep 23,  · I MEAN SOMETHING Yeah Contact now Uh That's right No matter how old, how young, how sick I mean something, I mean something No matter how old, how young, how sick.
  6. By Tugrel on
    I Want to Mean Something to You Lyrics: Our paths cross every day, but they never meet / Now my imagination says it would be so sweet / But I don't want your casual love, no, that's too cold.
  7. By Meztizragore on
    I mean to say used when adding a reason or explanation for something you have just said, especially something you feel strongly about Of course she wants to see the children – I mean to say, it’s only natural isn’t it? → mean Examples from the Corpus I mean to say • Well the first main stop light you hit I guess is what I mean to say.
  8. By Kajilkree on
    Sep 23,  · “I Mean Something” is the first collaboration from Peaches and Feist we’ve heard in a while. Infamously, Feist used to moonlight as a sock puppet called Bitch Lap Lap and support Peaches’ early.
  9. By Tusida on
    Definition of by means of (something) in the Idioms Dictionary. by means of (something) phrase. What does by means of (something) expression mean? Definitions by .

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